Makeover Ideas for Your Lounge

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Makeover Ideas for Your LoungeOne of the best parts about having your own place is that you get to choose when to rearrange your furniture and what style you want to use for your lounge makeover. If you are struggling to make a decision about the makeover, here are some ideas that you might find useful.

The new “It” for any house is to mix and match different styles and it is a definite must-have if you are willing to go bold. To make your living room have more of a contemporary atmosphere you can use different combinations of colours and patterns. Make sure that during the decorating process you use a secondary colour that breaks the brightness of the primary colour. For example, the primary colour could be red and the secondary colour white.

Classic never goes out of style. If you want to give your lounge the same appeal of a rustic atmosphere without buying too much, you can focus on brown and beige. It works well if you already have wooden furniture such as a coffee table or dining set. For added appeal, you can fit a brown wooden pivot door to create a grand entrance.

As it is the modern times, it would be great to convert your living space into a monotone zone. Although it only consists of two colours (black and white), the white will make the room appear more spacious. The upside to the monotone style is that you can always enhance the atmosphere by placing a bold colour, such as yellow, to create a pop of colour.

An interesting idea for your makeover would be to change the couch cushions to white, and replace the cover of the throw pillows to powder colours such as powder pink or powder blue. In the same chosen colour you can cover an ottoman to create consistency in the theme. To make the look all the more comforting, add a white wicker chair with a garden cushion to match the style.

If you feel bored with the look in your lounge then you should probably try out an energetic style. By taking the Greek concept (white or marble) into consideration and using it as the undertone of the room. Add bright colours such as green, turquoise, gold and blue to determine the rest of the colours you will use. Cushions and arm chairs can be in the green colours, blue can be used for carpeting and gold for wall elements. The atmosphere of the room can be tied together with a glass door that emits light through.

If you have a living room that works as a sun room or you wish it did then yellow, green and white will do the atmosphere justice. Most sun rooms are surrounded by big glass windows without curtains. They look out to the garden. To not take beauty away from nature, the items with the biggest surface areas should be white or beige. Cushions and throws can vary with both yellow and green.

Your lounge is where you live. It’s very important to make it yours with your own ideas and decorations. So long as you are happy with your living room your guests will feel comfortable in it.


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