Home Design in Japanese Style

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Home Design in Japanese StyleWhen it comes to the interior design in Japanese style, those special designs are really attractive to most of us. I love their delicious sushi very much, which is not only delicious but also healthy, and I love the culture of Japan as well. And if you want to design your home in Japanese style, here are some tips for you.

Japanese really love nature so much more than other people, which you could tell from the colors they used to build their house. They prefer white and other neutrals, instead of bright contrasting colors like purple, yellow and hot pink. Obviously, that’s one of the reasons why their home design always makes us feel really comfortable. What’s more, you will feel really peaceful, if you step into their house, since they would love to keep everything simple in their house. In view of that, it’s not time-consuming and expensive to design your home in Japanese style.

As they are really fond of nature, they also prefer using natural materials, for example, wood, cotton, paper, linen, and stones. There is no doubt that they will keep the furniture as simple as they can. So, generally, they will try to avoid using furniture that has been painted in bright colors. As there are not many bright colors, there will not be too many fancy patterns on the furniture or the home textiles also. To take the Japanese seat cushion as an example, which is also called Zabuton, most of the Zabuton is in solid color such as linen,

Although they would love to use massive neutrals, they also have a pop of other colors like red, green and blue. They might have some Japanese painting on their walls as special home decor, which might add some other colors to the home.

If you have lived in the Japanese house, you might have found out that the tall furniture in their house is rarely being seen. As a matter of fact, they love to use furniture that is really low. As you could know from pictures of their traditional home design, their table and chairs are really much lower than ours. Actually, the chairs they pick don’t have any leg, and neither does their bed, which is really funny.

It’s totally very wonderful to design or decorate your home in Japanese style since it’s really a funny and eye-catching idea. And hope you find this article helpful.

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