Find the Perfect TV Stand and Complete Any Room With Ease

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Perfect TV StandA new television is an exciting time for everyone in the household. This new gem will either be mounted to a wall or featured on a stand along with all the necessary components like a streaming device, DVD or Blu-ray player, movies, perhaps a sound system and much more. Whatever type of furniture one is looking for to support this system, they’d do well to follow the latest trends and search for TV stands online, as they offer a wider variety and lower prices overall.

To bring a bit of purpose and clarity to the search for a new TV stand, there are some main considerations to take into account and keep in mind during the shopping process. Perhaps the most important is design, as one will want it to not only house all the components but complement the new TV and look great.

By considering each of these designs against what functionality is needed, one can find TV stands online to suit their needs with ease.

Design is Most Important

Here are some of the most common design, shapes and functions for TV stands online that will work miraculously in the home and with any style of entertainment setup.

Open Shelving

The open shelving design is quickly becoming the most popular, especially for those who are looking for a less obtrusive setup, conserving space and providing an open visual element. Usually a central frame holds several shelves, and often provides a mounting bracket for the television itself.


With a holistic, single shape, a console TV stand design makes for plenty of shelving and surface area to utilise. They typically are a rectangular shape and offer closed shelving so that all the components are not out in the open. This gives a clean look that many approve of.

A Stand with Audio Capabilities

A TV stand with audio capabilities is featured in a modular form that is similar to most of the presentation and functionality that a full entertainment centre has. However, it includes a set of tall, sturdy shelves on either side of the central stand or of the television. These are made solely for the housing of speakers and other necessary equipment.


A hutch is a great piece of furniture in addition to being one of the top TV stands online. It’s characterised by cabinetry or shelving being stacked on top of a horizontal shelf space. It skillfully makes room for the television as well as carrying side cabinets for whatever use one has. Like pictures, decorative items, components or other mixed media.


The cabinet TV stands online are a popular choice amongst buyers. The design comes in two types: the console model, with closed cabinets below and an open area above where the TV rests. It’s much like an armoire that has drawers below and a space above that has doors to hide the TV away. These are great in a formal space like a living room, or a bedroom.


The swivel design TV stand sets the entire structure upon a rotating platform, allowing for the stand itself to be angled in any given direction for better visibility. This is perfect for televisions without a rotating base, or for those who mount speakers in or on the stand.


A floating design is one that is wall-mounted. It’s popular because it allows for completely open floor space as well as a clean look. It doesn’t take much space making it a top choice for many. This type of TV stand online contains shelving. Many models also help with hiding cords. The television can be situated on top or wall mounted above.

Entertainment Centre

The entertainment centre is a fun furniture piece that can integrate well in the family room. It demands attention as it’s quite large, and usually has great construction with many details. Sometimes it has closed areas.

Of all the decisions one will make regarding new TV stands online, the most crucial is definitely the general design that will work best for the buyer and their home. Broken down, the design is made up of the structure, shape and function. By satisfying these elements the stand can be used for many years. Taking the time to consider every element will ensure that!

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