4 Important Things to Remember When Buying a Flatweave Rug

Posted on March 22, 2016 By

Buying a Flatweave RugMany people now buy their flatweave rugs online as well as from department stores or high street outlets, but it is important to remember that there are a few buying rules to abide by in order to get the best quality item for your home and the best value for money.

The first thing to bear in mind is that the highest quality items are often the most expensive, often because they are painstakingly hand-woven by the most skilled artisans, with some items taking a very long time to make. This means that if you are planning on having one of these rugs in your home, you should be prepared to allow sufficient budget for it.

However, buying one of these gorgeous handmade items does not have to be exceptionally expensive, and a high price can also be an indicator that the rug has been woven by adult artisans rather than child workers, which is an important ethical consideration for many buyers.

When it comes to saving money on these items, it is definitely worth seeking out a dealer who buys directly from the artisan and cuts out any other third party middle man. You should also take advantage of sales offered by these reputable sellers; both of these tips can save you a significant amount of money on great rugs.

The second thing to remember is that the rug material and thickness will often determine how much use you get out of the item. This is something you should be especially aware of when buying online, as it can be hard to gauge the thickness and quality of a rug just by looking at pictures.

The thicker and denser the flatweave rug the better, as this will ensure that it does not wear down as quickly and will also add more warmth to a room. The highest quality hand-woven rugs are often the least flimsy, and this is something that you should investigate before you make your purchase.

The third tip to bear in mind is that taking accurate measurements of your home is essential in ensuring that you find something that suits your needs. It is all too easy to see a design you like and buy it, before realising that the size of the rug is not practical or simply does not suit your home.

It is advised to take maximum and minimum measurements of your rooms to ensure that a rug will fit perfectly, whether it is on the larger or smaller side of these measurements. In either case, you will have a range of sizes in mind so you will be able to eliminate rugs which are not appropriately sized quickly and easily.

Fourthly and finally, take the time to think about colour in your rug, including whether bright colours, dark colours or pale colours will work best. Dark colours may be more practical for a room with a lot of foot traffic, whereas pale colours can be gorgeous in a minimalist room where dirty feet are unlikely to tread.

Furthermore, some dyes and colours will fade over time and in natural light, so this is something you should ask above when considering buying flatweave rugs from a particular vendor. If your rug will be placed in a well lit room, colour fade is something you should think about in order to avoid disappointment in the future when your gorgeous artisanal rug starts to fade.

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